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Quality Selections 5

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Hi guys, the site was "a bit" outdated, but I'm always online talking about music and production stuff on twitter and facebook...

Time for quality selections 5!!! Various genres, hate or love them...


*** Progressive trance ***

Allende - Desperation (Original Mix)

Anssi Hohti, aka, Allende and A98, one of my favorite finnish producers, produced this great progressive trance, it has a very strong and original melody in the break, very catchy.



*** Progressive house ***

Bjork - Pagan poetry (Ripperton unofficial remix)

Available for free (here, Ripperton make a simple but effective bootleg from this Bjork classic... The feeling in this track is marvelous. (If you want a trancier version, check the Infusion remix, released in 2002).




Damabiah - The tears of Maelysia

Damabiah produced the best album in 2011 (Le Sang et La Sève) and released this quality progressive track for free, full of melodies and atmospheres...




Guy J & Henry Saiz - Meridian (Pryda remix)

Ok, Guy J is great, Henry Saiz is great too, they produce a great track, and ain't much a Pryda fan but he delivers a BETTER than the original remix. Now listen to this deep progressive track.



Ingi - Cognition (David Granha Remix)

David Granha is rising in the scene, this is his better work so far in my opinion. The drums sequencing and the punchy dark groove in this track is amazing. The haunted melody filled with the Nintendo bits is a plus...



Kasey Taylor - Out With The Old (Kassey Voorn Remix)

Kassey Voorn is one of the best progressive house producers at the moment, every release is great. This one got on of the best atmospheres ever in my opinion...The track builds, builds, builds and you travel together in every second...




Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'til you get Enough (Domestic Technology Voice Over Bootleg)

Russian talent Invisible Sounds is trying some nu disco experiments and came with this Domestic Technology alias for this. Search this excellent Michael Jackson remix and shake your neck forever...




Roddy Reynaert & Man Of Goodwill - Brotherhood (Original Mix)

I'm listening to this a lot in the last months, released in Anjuna Deep 3, this melodic progressive house its very melodic and euphoric, very original track.




Way Out West - Spaceman (Robert Babicz Mix)

Babicz is a master, everybody knows, punchy progressive groove, very dark sounds...




Way Out West - Surrender (Henry Saiz Remix)

And here, other Way Out West remix, Henry Saiz touch now. The weird bassline combined with the vocal will make you grooooooove! :)




 GRG - San Telmo (Kassey Voorn Remix)

Mr. Kassey here again, remixing brazilian talent George. The deep gliding bassline makes you float.




*** Old school trance breaks (I'm weird with giving genres, I know...) ***

LSG - The Fugitive (Main Mix - unreleased track from 1999), the classic producer Oliver Lieb is releasing very weird stuff that I dont like lately, but this one he gave away, is excellent.




*** Tech trance/uplifting  ***


John Askew - Torture Chamber (Original Mix)

Mr. John produced a big dirty 140 bpm tech trancer with this one. Flawless driving bassline. Quality breaks in the breakdown, hehe...



Sergey Nevone & Simon OShine - Last Goodbye (Original Mix)

Quality uplifting, very melodic, the break is amazing, the classical piece is very emotional.





Anthony. ;)



Last Updated on Friday, 02 March 2012 23:36

Quality Selections 4

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Time for new track recommendations, if you are an eclectic person in electronic music, you will enjoy these tracks. See you later!


Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love
You will really enjoy or totally hate this track, I'm the first option. I like the progression on this track, the riff is an unusual "call and response" by two weird arpegios.


Parker & Hanson - Arabesque
Low tempo progressive trance. The kinda "BBE - seven days and one week" riff followed by the supersaws chord stabs make it a very hypnotic and melodic track.


Alkatraz & Taylor Feat Jennife - Elation (Jonas Steur Remix)
Great remix by mr. Jonas, very melodic like usual, strong square lead in the break.


Arnaud Rebotini - Twilight Of Gods (Original Mix)
For me is old school techno with a very nice rolling bassline. Old school pads and some atmospheres.


Adam Beyer and Alan Fitzpatrick - Human Reason (Original mix)
Banging and punchy techno, with that progressive feel.



Danilo Ercole - Below The Equator Line (Original Mix)

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Another strong release from brazilian progressive name, Danilo Ercole, hits Coldharbour Recordings, read below for a review!

Danilo Ercole - Below The Equator Line (Coldharbour Recordings)

Original mix

It starts with some filtering in the bass and in the arp, till the drop, followed with some white noise bursts. The gated melody creates expectation. The sound is filled in the background, a pad rises till the main break comes.

A metallic arpeggio with a bass pad played together, the snares comes to give more punch. The climax increases with lots of reverb, till the drop, it is followed by some chord stabs. The arpeggio comes again, followed by a long envolving pad creating a big atmosphere. You get some filtering in the end.


Basil O'Glue remix

It starts with some sidechained effects till the main drums come with the sidechained bass. The sound is filled with effects and pads. The break is coming and the pad keeps sustained till the main supersaw lead that is filtered and fully opened. So the track continues with all elements together till a short break leading to the end.


Grab them on Beatport!

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 June 2011 02:31

Quality Selections 3

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So guys, after a long time, I decided to bring quality selections back, I'm used to put my recommendations on twitter, but I will put them here on my site too.


Proff - Steps (Anjunadeep)

Its a great piece of progressive, very groovy bassline, swinged percussion, a nice arp, and a simple melody in the break, but that works very well!


Aly e Fila - Still (Solarstone remix) (Armada)

I dont need introduce Rich Mowatt, the man behind Solarstone, he is just a classic producer! I'm not much a vocal trance fan but this track is very uplifting and soft at same time, with some guitar notes playing like great fillers!


Ad brown - Motion (Original mix) (Silk Music)

Progressive again, the vocal chops in this tune makes all the difference, so gorgeous!


Storyteller - From sunset to sunrise (Club86 Recordings)

Quality progressive, very danceable, so atmospheric! The chord progressions are so hypnotic.


Markus Schulz vs Jochen Miller - Rotunda (Armada)

Techprogressive, with that typical Jochen Miller square lead and Swedish House Mafia continuous claps.


Sundriver - Dreamer (Enchanced Recordings)

Here we have a more melodic uplifting, the gate effect and plucks in the break get the floor working!


Kyota - Nemo (BVibes Remix) (Redux Recordings)

Lots of effects and an euforic breakdown, banging tech sounds after the break.


Thomas Kelle - Mars Needs Lovers (Daniel Rems Remix) (Alter Ego)

New talent Thomas Kelle comes back, but this time Daniel Rems make the strongest track in the release. Melodic progressive filled with dirty sounds.


See you next time! ;)

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 June 2011 18:07

Best of 2010

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Hi guys!

I wish a blessed 2011 for you all! Happy new year for everybody!

I made a podcast with my favorite electronic tracks of 2010, its not a uplifting/progressive trance this time, but its more experimental and "pure" electronic synths. Its full of different sounds, new harmonies and new melodies.

Enjoy and you can give me feedback, check the contact section!


Anthony Aquino - Top 10 electronic 2010


1 - Actress - Hubble
2 - Darkstar - Gold
3 - Four Tet - Circling
4 - Luke Abbott - Holkham Drones
5 - Caribou - Kaili
6 - Flying Lotus - Table Tennis (feat. Laura Darlington)
7 - Ripperton - The Sandbox
8 - Pantha Du Prince - Welt Am Draht
9 - Walls - Gaberdine
10 - Delphic - Counterpoint

Info: 120 mb Quality: 320kbps Length: 50:13

Right click here and chose "save as" for direct download Anthony_Aquino_-_Top_10_electronic_2010.mp3


Last Updated on Saturday, 01 January 2011 13:45